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 The Kebadjian Experience

   A deeper Client involvement enhances the jewelry purchase.


     This desire to have a greater understanding of the Diamond or Gem and its’ jewel—where it comes from, how its’ made, the interrelationship of its’ quality and value attributes and the requisite materials and craftsmanship required to transform it into a portable, tangible, beautiful and—most importantly—enduring Asset, extends to the Consumers’ own desire for personal development; as a result increasing the Clients’ sense of belonging: both transactionally and emotionally.


     The jewelry store is an arena where the dynamics between retail & E-commerce are currently being played-out.


     In days past, the retail jewelry store was either about status symbol & ostentation or trust into “my guy:” somebody I know who just works in the trade.


     As a result of the Internet, however, the environment today has morphed buyers to become more informed but less individualized and intimate with—and increasingly skeptical of—those who are selling:  thereby making even a sophisticated Client wary of their selection & purchase of fine Gems and Jewels.


     Upholding the promise of Assurance & Excellence through voluntary Professional credentialing, aptitude and knowledge of our Profession—united with the an exceptional breadth of Industry accessibility, transparency and service—you’re welcome to participate in  The              Experience™


     Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ~ da Vinci

     The Kebadjian’s

     Michael V. Kebadjian, GG, CSSP, CSMP

          Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

          Certified Senior Sales & Management Professional (JA)

                                            Designing & Creating Tomorrow’s Heirlooms….Today™

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